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Pixel Art Portrait of Thomas Creeten

Thomas Creeten

■ born 1991 in Cologne and living in Hürth, Germany
■ #77cc25, green, is my favorite color (orange is fine, too)
■ interests include coding, design, games and game design
■ sometimes drawing, reading and various sports, but way too infrequently
■ music plays a huge role in my life
■ used to make digital music, but we won't talk about it
■ I consider adding more in-depth info in the future, maybe

external link icon Recently played games

"Dota 2" game logo
Dota 2
"Rocket League" game logo
Rocket League
"Counter-Strike" game logo
"The Binding of Isaac" game logo
The Binding of Isaac
"Backbone: Prologue" game logo
Backbone: Prologue
"Ether One" game logo
Ether One

external link icon Spotify playlists

"Top of the Pops" playlist cover
Top of the Pops
"Da schläft man gut..." playlist cover
Da schläft man gut...
"Da ist's gemütlich!" playlist cover
Da ist's gemütlich!
"Öffentlichvertretbare Klänge" playlist cover
Öffentlichvertretbare Klänge